Our publication wins CHI'2023 Best Paper and Honourable Mention

We are super excited that our CHI2023 paper ‘Treat me as your friend, not a number in your database’ received a Best Paper award, and our paper ‘12 Ways to Empower’ received an Honorable Mention award!!

One reviewer for our co-design paper with children (‘Treat me as your friend, not a number in your database’) commented on the results being exciting: “…the results was learning that children did not only want to be meaningfully informed about how their data was used to make predictions, but they wanted the informant to be humanoid in some way.” and another one reviewer remarked our paper as “The paper is an excellent example of a responsible and value-sensitive design for children.”.

Our systematic review paper about digital autonomy for children (‘12 Ways to Empower’) was commented on “The literature review was thorough, does a good job highlighting the efficacy of previous research on children’s digital autonomy”.

We thank all the reviewers for their valuable comments that helped us to refelect our research and improve our presentation further.