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Oxford Child-Centred AI (Oxford CCAI) Design Lab engages in a series of research activities aimed at designing better AI for children. It is part of Human-Centred Computing research theme at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford.

Currently OxfordCCAI focuses on the following research themes, see research.

Design for children’s agency

  • Define agency for children in the digital context
  • Identify children’s sense of agency;
  • Investigate how to design and support children’s agency development in the digital context

Define AI ethics principles for children

  • Why do we need a child-specific perspective on AI ethics principles?
  • Respect the developmental aspect of childhood
  • Revisit the role of parental support
  • Prioritise child-centred evaluations
  • Promote cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches

Creating a new paradigm of digital parenting in the AI of age

Investigating age-appropriate AI algorithmic design patterns

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