Digital parenting

In today’s digital age, children are growing up surrounded by technology, with their online activities leaving digital footprints that are tracked, analysed, and often monetized. While the digital landscape offers countless opportunities for learning and exploration, it also exposes children to a myriad of datafication risks, including harmful profiling, micro-targeting, and behavioural manipulation.

Families are increasingly concerned about the risks associated with extensive use of the digital technologies. Digital monitoring-based technologies, enabling parents to restrict, monitor or track children’s online activities, dominate the market space.

However, research has shown that such approaches have limited efficacy in keeping children out of the bound of the digital space or prolonged screen time usage that parents have hoped for. At the same time, the risks associated with these approaches are much less discussed.

Currently OxfordCCAI focuses on further developing and evaluating our KOALA Hero toolkit for supporting a proactive co-engagement betwene parents and children.

We also work together with our collaborators to analyse the impact of the current digital parenting approaches and how they affect families and children’s digital well-being.


KOAKA Hero Toolkit

This toolkit encompasses three key components:

  • A mobile tracker app, designed as a practical tool for families to navigate and control mobile datafication risks.

  • A set of data cards, designed to facilitate discussion and support situated understanding.

  • A task sheet accompanied by worksheets, designed to facilitate interactive family engagement activities.

The app is currently held at a private repository and is not yet publicly avaiable on the app store. Please reach out directly for a demo.

The data cards and task sheets have been shared as part of Christmas 2023 celebration, see here.